This is awesome. Happy Christmas everyone! I’m off to the beach.

Sarcastic Chris is teaching his computer to recognise his voice.

  • Sarcastic Chris: Facebook. FACE BOOK.
  • Macbook Pro: *Sits benignly on desk*
  • SC: Open my i-tunes. I-TUNES
  • MP: *Placid like a cow chewing cud*
  • SC: Open my fucking i-tunes you cunt
  • MP: *Raises a cgi-brow*
  • SC: I didn’t even want to go on Facebook anyway.

Jellyfish in the Abyss.

We nurse our collective, cumulative hangovers over a beer and burger on Monday lunchtime, and chat about Postmodern filmic structure, the left brain negating the right brain, and the fact that Magic Mouse, our new full time developer, has a TWENTY SEVEN INCH IMAC. For programming on. Now, we’re all creatives, but even we know that you can use C++ on Windows 95, and a quad core imac would come in really handy for our meagre ‘editing suite’. Still, it’s just not as aesthetically pleasing as our 17”, 15” and 13” Macbook Pros all lined up side by side like a sleek aluminium Russian Doll, is it now?

French Champagne

On Sunday Grandpa, Sarcastic Chris, Moley and I get slowly, wonderfully hammered to a soundtrack of Orson Welles.

Binge Thinkin’

"They say you can change the world for a fiver, but the book costs £7." It is unusual to have a weekend of social activity, even more so to be spending out of work hours with my dear and lovely colleagues. The Jack Hammer, The Ridler and I spend Saturday night researching in depth the Drinkin’ aspect of our splinter endeavour, touching briefly on Postmodern Thinkin’. It ends in Jerk Chicken and narrowly avoided fisticuffs. I get a text at 4am. “Then we’ll have something to show him”. Keep watching this space.

The Mole slunk me this.


I’m off to Oxford Street with a bag full of rabbit carcasses to cover up the thighs of all those half-clad women.

The construction of situations begins beyond the ruins of the modern spectacle. It is easy to see how much the very principle of the spectacle – nonintervention – is linked to the alienation of the old world. Conversely, the most pertinent revolutionary experiments in culture have sought to break the spectators’ psychological identification with the hero so as to draw them into activity… . The situation is thus designed to be lived by its constructors…
Guy Debord (via adamridler)